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"We had so much fun at our sunset session, good music and good vibes! loved how fast Monique got our pics back to us, HIGHLY reccomend this babe!!"

-Ivana Gilcrest & Alonso

"We loved how much time and effort Monique put into our engagement shoot and when we left, knowing we had already chosen a wedding photographer, I was a little sad it wasn’t her! Thinking about bonding with another photographer made me worried, as I really felt comfortable with Monique already. 

I was very satisfied with the time of receiving the photos back and the way the photos came on an online portal. 

I was having very bad self confidence issues with myself, and I was almost worried prior to the shoot these photos would make it worse! This was NOT the case. I received the photos and felt captured so beautifully, and this brought my confidence back! 


Thank you so much Monique! Best of luck in your future adventures, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you sometime in the near(ish) future for another trip to the woods with a little belly!"

-Alyssa (almost) Hairston 🧡

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